Wall Mural

Wall Mural

Feeling bored and tired of the blank space or wall ? How about having a full scale painting directly created onto the walls ?


Good news! Here at OnePiece Painting, we offer custom-designed wall murals in full, vivid colours to decorate both indoor and outdoor spaces. If you can imagine it, we can create it !


Send us your design, idea or photo you like to enlarge on that wall. Our mural artist will work with you to design, develop and create the wall painting ! Make art come alive in your space today !

Commercial Space

Spice up your commercial area with eye catching and vibrant murals, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression among your patrons!

Mural 3

Living Space

Spark your child’s creativity and imagination by having magical and fun wall art in their rooms!

Outdoor Space

Create a unique thematic wall mural to amplify the space with a message or illustration.

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